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The latest installment in my 'A New Nineties' series - CODEINE

"baroque cosmic boogie" - Tool Live Review, The Loft, Berlin, 1994, Melody Maker

"Feel is everything. The rest is just colour." Daedelus

Hey. Get your feet off my coffeetable. You don’t have to dig Daedelus. In fact, the sporadical ‘lectro god from LA kinda hopes you hate his astonishing new opus ‘Love To Make Music To’.    “All of the albums I’ve ever really ended up loving, I’ve hated at first. I like records you have a relationship with, sometimes stormy, but unforgettable. We’re kind of being tutored by the industry at the moment not to have that kind of relationship, to USE music and move on. I like records that come back at you until you can’t resist.”    Daedelus (known by pals and the postman as Alfred Darlington) has been knocking out wonder-on-wax for nigh-on a decade now – after a brace of startling releases on Mush, Plug Research, Hefty, Tigerbeat6, and Eastern Developments (check out his work with Busdriver as well as O6’s riotous ‘Denies The Days Demise’) ‘Love To Make Music To’ finds him on Ninjatune & letting loose the most confident, instant-hit noise of his life.
   “Spending a lot more tim…

The Most Racist Thing I Ever Wrote: Fear Of A Ginger Planet, Tori Amos Melody Maker Review

(Review from Melody Maker 20th January 1996)
by Neil Kulkarni 1-20-96

The Tori manifesto, quoted verbatim from "The Big Issue":

"Knowing what you think gives you great freedom."

Tori will be appearing on Oprah next week. As the author of "Padding Out Mediocrity: Nurturing The Inner Raccoon" she will contribute to a debate on Bedwetting And The Psychic Rubber Sheet- Did It Cause The LA Riots? (If you ain't switched to Ricki, yer dead.)

"This album is like a novel. As it came clear to me that all these songs related to each other, that they are connected chapters."

"Auto Da Fe"? "Arc D'X"? "Freaky Deaky"? "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" read by Diane Chambers. Tori searches for self-awareness. Tori reads some Jung. Tori sees a medicine woman who helps her acknowledge her inner universe. Tori sets it all to repugnantly tasteful artsy-fartsy music (this record made me gag). Var…


Hard Hands
(Melody Maker 1999)

NAHH drop all that "eagerly awaited" shit right now. For a start "Leftism" never occupied the centrality to dance music crits thought it did. Even as part of the first wave of LP-dance it was eclipsed by Underworld, musically outreached by Lionrock, and as for all that progressive Guerilla sheeyit Leftfield affiliated themselves with, I can't think of a musical genre less referred to since.

What's weird and wonderful about "Rhythm And Stealth" is how quickly it shakes off any expectations that might shackle it; how far Neil Barnes and Paul Daley are willing to veer from the blueprint; how frabjously f***ing fresh much of this sounds. If that alienates some, there's no reason it shouldn't enrapture the rest of us: this is that rare thing - a band with a successful first album unwilling to repeat themselves on the second. It's a retreat, but a liberating one; a step back from…

Summer's Last Sound. What's grabbed me in the past 3 months.

Summer actually lasted exactly 14 hours and 17 minutes in 2012 but this is what soundtracked that blissful half-a-daysworth where we actually saw the sun. 

Swell, swish, sumptuous Premier production, and hats off to Torae for actually stamping his personality on the track when he can. Truth be told, though, you'll keep coming back for the amazing lace-up of scratches and loops that starts unfolding on the chorus, a gorgeous collage that reminds you of exactly what hip-hop production can unlock, exactly what CARE about the music can still uncover. Superb.
Some pure gold from 1993 only now finding the light of day. The Legion (Chucky Smash, Molecules and Cee-Low) were signed to Black Sheep's One Love imprint, and they debuted in 1993 with the brilliant underground classic, 'Jingle Jangle'. 'The Lost Tapes' EP is coming out soon and this is one of the previously unheard highlights from it - absolutely not dated and sounding as fresh and fearless and fantastic as …